No.5 Happy New Year for 1997.

A great year for new giants.

They're turning up everywhere. Scarcely a month has gone by since April without news of new giants. Flint the Pirate and The King of Hearts were amongst the west-country giants who appeared in Salisbury. Another new attendee was The Smith. His chum the Monk was waiting at home in Hastings where, a week later, the Môrrigan turned up from London for her first outing. We hear that more religious brethren are gathering in Torquay. Laura and Tanya Ryder have teamed up with Mark Forrow to replace Marvin, the the Dawlish giant, who will appear no more. The Abbot and at least one of his monks are expected to be ready to greet the new year. Other monks will follow from time to time.

Seven giants have been built in Milton-Keynes. Two have been completed and are now walking the streets of Alton in Hampshire. Rag Morris from Bristol have danced Huath Pencawr the second. We hear rumours from Cheshire, Greater Manchester, North Yorkshire, and Somerset. We've just put together a new list detailing all the giants and gianting groups we know. I bet it's out of date already.

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