Stalbridge is in North-Dorset. In 1995 the Dorchester Giants were unimpressed with the request to help build a giant for the local playgroup's summer school. They wanted the job done in half a morning.

Shanne Woodhouse, Mum-in-charge of the playgroup is persuasive; so, one August morning we made Biggles. He was a west-country style three-pole giant. Made of bamboo and scraps. He was light enough to be carried be a nine year old girl with two assistants and the children loved him. He lasted about two and a half fairly eventful months. And that, you might have thought, would be the end of it.

Two weeks before Christmas, there came a phone call from two of the adult movers and shakers in Stalbridge: &34;Can you tell us all we need to know about making a giant like yours?&34; I checked; they have the skills, the time and (some) money.

We might sneer at quick and easy giants, but sometimes a seed is planted that germinates much later.

Well done Biggles.

47K JPEG of elementary giant Biggles in the school gymnasium.

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