Way back in history ( 1995 actually ) we were forewarned that Milton-Keynes was about to join the world of giants, then it became a 'how to build them' workshop, and now they're at large.

Alan Davies and Linda Cairns led the project. Interaction MK provided the premises and equipment, and now house the giants.

Thumbnail JPEG giant Thumbnail JPEG two giants Thumbnail JPEG giants procession Picture links to 45K JPEG

Interaction MK involved groups of local schoolchildren in the whole process, and the processions; let's hope a new generation of gianters will result. Although billed as 'Catalan style' the giant's design shows a strong West-Country influence, and a little puppetry has crept in. Several of them are two-faced; that is, they have one face on the front, and one on the other front ( back? ) of their head which gives scope for extra amusement. Some of us recall seeing a similar arrangement at Matadepera a few years ago.

The Milton-Keynes giants are probably the most southerly spin off from the giant-building workshops in Manchester for the 1994 Festa Major ( Catalan Festival ). The same workshops generated the flurry of new giants that have appeared in the North-West. Most of these giants are built on wooden frames with carton piedra detailing. Perhaps there'll be a second generation built in the light of experience; tell me if you meet any.

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