Hastings: May 1996

Thumbnail JPEG Giants in castle Click picture for a 45K JPEG Thumbnail JPEG - Giants in procession

Mad Jack's Morris did it again. They hosted a great seaside weekend.

As usual the winds off the channel gave the larger giants a few anxious moments. Most of the regular giants walked on Saturday. Sunday was rather windy and only the smaller representatives were really up to it.
Despite this the Môrrigan chose Sunday for her very first public outing 'though it was a little too gusty. She suffered a few teething troubles; which were fixed with a couple of hours' head-scratching, and an hour's work always a good ratio. She was ready for the big parade on Monday and she made it all the way up to the castle! A terrific start to a Giant's career.

The main parade on Monday passed off well and all the giants met a great reception as their exhausted crews staggered in through the castle gate.

After due celebration and ceremony Jack-in-the-Green was slain and the spirit of summer leapt free.

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