No.1 Summer 1994


Well, it happened, B.I.G.G. finally staggered into existence. From the first acorn sown at Sidmouth last August to the mighty oak of a dozen or so members and half a dozen groups... Hmm, I'm not sure if these metaphors are under proper control.

The 'Riding the George' at Salisbury where we greeted the new Christopher on his first outing, was a fitting initial outing for B.I.G.G. too. Even if the event did seem to consist of little more than 'Hurry-up' and wait!

We seem to have started just in time, there are new giants in Hastings, Manchester, Rossendale and the home counties as well. Giants are springing up all over the place. Welcome to the world of giants.


Seven new giants have appeared in Manchester. They've been running a Catalan festival, and naturally no Fiesta Major is complete without Gegantes. So they built 'em.

There's Ganesh, a Bird-Woman, a Greek goddess, Barbara Carton and three more. We're sending R M-R to investigate, so, more next issue.

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Sorry, there are no pictures in this edition. The pictures in early editions of BIGGNews were never held in electronic form. We may be able to scan some of them in, eventually, if we ever find the negatives!

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