Salisbury 'Riding the George'

23/24 April 1994

Giants present:

Bellever North Tawton
Bran London
Caroline Moore Dorchester
Christopher III Salisbury
Granfer Dorchester
Lister Exeter
Nathandriel Huddersfield

Beasts present:

The Dragon Salisbury
The Dragon Aveton Gifford
Hobnob Salisbury

In town, but unable to attend:

Christopher I (Salisbury's oldest resident giant.)
Hobnob the elder

A short parade, mercifully sheltered from the blustery wind, and a chance to meet plenty of like-minded people. Just about the ideal way to introduce Christopher III to the citizens of Salisbury. There was rather too much standing around for the backpack giants, and the crowds were so dense that everyone had difficulty at times, but generally the atmosphere was good and everyone had fun.

Christopher III is a standing frame giant, designed to take-apart for transport and storage. He is light, stable, and feels firm and responsive when carried ( Yes, I couldn't resist trying him out! ) Jeremy Turtle and his team are to be congratulated on their building effort.

Many of you will be aware that Salisbury has had a giant for over four hundred years, and that the first Christopher still stands in the city museum. Amazingly Christopher I was active on the streets of Salisbury as recently as 1977 when he helped celebrate the Queen's Jubilee and Salisbury's charter. In 1972 the Salisbury Technical College built Christopher II, and he performed sterling service for nearly twenty years, not least in overseeing examinations in the College hall! Christopher II was never easy to carry, and when he fell into disrepair in 1992 the Salisbury Civic Society decided on a replacement. Christopher III is the result. Salisbury can be proud of him.

Effectively the event was also the beginning of B.I.G.G., several of the groups present were covered by the brand new insurance policy which took effect from the Saturday morning. It was a treat to meet some folks who up 'til then had been no more than a voice on the end of a telephone. It was a treat too, to listen to Dave Ellis' stonewalling style as he refused to move Nathandriel into a hazardous position for a press photo.

The Salisbury District Leisure and Tourism Services provided us with warm, dry, if somewhat spartan accommodation, and a couple of very pleasant meals. Have you noticed how free food always tastes better?

The verdict: An excellent start to the new gianting season.

by Derek Moody

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