Hastings Jack-in-the-Green Festival 1994

The festival this year had an end of term feel, as Nick Lynas, the organiser for the 11 years since it began, is standing down after this year. Giants have attended for eight years; present this year were Nathandriel, Bran, Bellever, and Hannah the new Hastings giantess.

Nick requested that we keep a low profile until the Monday parade, but we were billed to form a backdrop for the storytelling session on Sunday, and the opportunity was taken to have a 'test walk' to and from the venue. The storytelling was a giant-ist affair which told of what nasty 'orrible creatures giants were, but our presence gave the lie to this!

The now familiar Monday parade went like clockwork from a Giant point of view, Nathandriel in particular had an exceptional turn out of porters, so he was not even out of breath on reaching the dizzy height of the castle. Here many of the morris sides carried out the ritual final dance. Due to time running out the giants were not requested, which was just as well, as we were in the middle of lunch! At this point Nick was presented with an engraved goblet ( for the sideboard ) by Mad Jacks Morris, and an engraved glass tankard ( for using ) from Slawit Guise. Finally Jack was duly 'Killed' and a good time was had by all.

High social points of the weekend:

The band &34;Shave the Monkey&34; were excellent, in spite of playing in a half finished building with the temperature characteristics of Marsden in summer (Well, most of the time - Anne ) and the acoustics of an outside bog. It'll be nice when it's finished!

&34;Callicanto&34; were also great, although I couldn't understand a word!

All the giant groups were together in the scout hut with no morris teams, ( Nick did mutter about keeping all the nutters in one place ). They provided us with cornflakes and NO BOWLS, I regard that as pretty sadistic!

All in all a good weekend, long may it continue!

Yours for Nathandriel, Dave Ellis. Master Gianter and Guise Captain.

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