Dave Ellis need skeletons for his cupboard. He's keeping archives of two types, the easy part is keeping tabs on the doings of modern giants, 'though it's even easier for him if we pass on any information that happens our way. If you're not sure whether it's of interest ASK!

Maybe you can help with the hard part; What is the history of giants in the British Isles, and what traditions are there? For example, we know that a giantess 'Aunt Smiler' existed in Salisbury in the 1930s, we have a picture postcard of her - pushing a Baby Austin 'pram', but what happened to her... Another example; There seem to have been quite a few giants constructed in the west country; even before Wendy Dacre got going, does anyone have any information? was your granny involved?

Do you haunt libraries and museums? Perhaps you know something about the giants who, centuries ago, inhabited Leicester, York, Chester and where else? We do know that many of the fifteenth century giants were owned by the great city guilds, in many places the old guild rolls still survive, they would be an obvious starting point for research.

If you are a student looking for a subject for your thesis we'd be delighted to help ... and even more delighted to see the result ( 'cos then we'd chase up all your references )

O.K. so you're not the academic type, but you read the newspaper and watch T.V. Don't assume we all saw it, if there's something about giants that looks interesting, tell Dave. ( That's how we first found out about the Manchester giants, Liz Draper saw them on 'Blue Peter'; by accident she said! )

Eventually, through Dave, we'll have the bulk of British gianting history available in one place. Pass on what you know, every little helps.

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