Giants in Dorchester - Lilbet Large

lilbet LargeLilbet was the first of the modern Dorchester Giants. She may have been the first ever Dorchester giant as we have no historical record of giants in the town.

In 1987 a group decided to hold a 'Fun Day' in Salisbury Fields in Dorchester, among the attractions invited were Christopher II then the active Salisbury Giant and Gogmagog from 'The Graund Order of Guisers'. Obviously a hostess was needed for the event, thus Lilbet Large was conceived.

In the event Lilbet's first appearance was nearly her last. A gale blew all day and she was damaged on her first outing. Gogmagog could not be erected in the conditions and Christopher II was blown over - fortunately without incurring damage.

Lilbet did survive and remained active until 1992. She visited Spain, Belgium and the Netherlands as well as appearing at festivals and fairs all over southern Britain.

Lilbet is a backpack giant. She has no legs and cannot stand unless supported by a porter.

Lilbet's face has darkened during her retirement. Age and oxidation of the pigments mean that she has lost her original fresh complexion.

Her body is constructed of plastic braced with twine and this too has lost its resilience. Lilbet can no longer be carried and this will almost certainly be her final public appearance.

Without Lilbet the other Dorchester Giants would never have been built and the exhibition would not have taken place. We owe a debt of gratitude to Lilbet Large.


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