Jack-in-the-Green from Hastings

Jack-in-the-GreenThe frame is covered overall with leaves woven into the netting. On his head is a mask and crown made fresh on Mayday morning by a local florist.

The Jack, accompanied by Bogies, garlands, Morris Dancers, drummers and giants, parades through the old Town of Hastings (with many pauses for refreshment), along the seafront and up to the castle. After further dancing drumming and general jollity the Jack is ritually "killed" to release the spirit of summer and stripped of his foliage. Leaves taken from the dying Jack are considered a good luck charm, those taken beforehand have no luck in them.

Bogies (a modern term) are attendants painted green and dressed in green tatters who guard and control the Jack on his perambulation. They always have green paint to spare and use it to 'green' the faces of spectators.



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