Giants in Dorchester - Granfer

GranferGranfer was built in 1989. the Dorchester Giants Group wanted to build a fat giant as so many around the world are of necessity thin. To this end he has an inflatable belly and backside upon a rigid aluminium standing frame.

His smock is based on traditional Dorset patterns and his buttons are probably the largest traditional style Dorset Buttons worn today. Despite his simple attire his clothing; as is usual with giants, is the heaviest part of him. There are over 50 meters of upholstery grade calico in his smock.

The combination of a clean shaven upper lip with a beard was common among shepherds in the 19th century. A permanent 'scarf' must have been invaluable when tending a flock on a frosty night.

Granfer, known to the Catalans as El pastor molt gras, has travelled extensively. He and Lilbet were among the 625 giants who gathered at Matadepera (nr Barcelona) during the run-up to the 1992 Olympic Games.


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