Notes for display organisers.

Giants are particularly suitable for processions, and as crowd gatherers for other entertainments; they do not of themselves present a rounded act. We normally process with a small but variable group of disguised musicians and dancers. Consider what is to succeed the giants, unless there is something to hold the attention of a crowd they may drift off after a departing giant, on the other hand a crowd can be gathered swiftly and 'handed over' to another (forewarned!) performer.

Giants cannot proceed safely in winds in excess of force 3, or in heavy rain. Slopes, especially grass, can only be attempted in dry conditions. Although it may be relatively sheltered at ground level giants are susceptible to winds that may pass over ordinary windbreaks.

If in our opinion it is unsafe to erect or process some or all of the giants then we will not do so; we will always do our best to produce some sort of display, but costs are incurred and must be met in any case.

Giants can operate indoors IF there is sufficient headroom! After a slight modification Granfer now stands 14' 2" tall, and when moving he requires 15' clear.

A reasonably secluded level area close to an electrical supply and with vehicular access is needed for setting up and taking down the Giants, low overhead wires and bunting must not isolate this space from the display area. Giant crewmembers need access to a WC and somewhere to change and make-up. Please allow two hours for the giants to set up at the start of the day, and an hour for them to pack away at the end.

Each giant needs an absolute minimum of four crew for safe operation, with two Giants we like to bring at least 10 people.

If animals are involved in an event, then it is usually wise to separate them from giants in either time or space. Horses are especially likely to be upset. Remember that giants are often visible over walls and hedgerows.

We carry public liability insurance for all the events we attend. We suggest that you should take out similar insurance, covering the presence of giants, on your own behalf.

If the Giants are to appear on more than one day then we will need...

Either: Reserved parking for giant transport.

Or: A secure, dry place to store two Giants in a semi-collapsed state. 3Mx2Mx2M or similar.

Here's a quote that local journalists seem to like: 'Giants are said to eat people who disagree with them, whether they disagree with them before or after they have been eaten we do not know.'

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Last modified: Sat, 12 Feb 2000