Caroline Moore

The newest of the modern
Dorchester Giants.

Caroline is a very proper Victorian lady. She is dressed in a fashion seen in Dorchester soon after the middle of the nineteenth century, though her flower bedecked bonnet has a smaller brim than was usual. The designs were extrapolated from costumes in the collection of the Dorset County Museum. She carries an umbrella in her right hand, and a book in her left. She must be a quick reader as the book changes frequently and she is rarely seen with the same volume twice. Usually the subject of the book relates somehow to the place, or the event in which she is involved.

Caroline Moore the Giantess Caroline is based on a tubular aluminium frame. She is free standing, and is 10 feet 8 inches tall; when moving she is about 11 feet 5 inches tall. Her torso is an upholstered aluminium lattice-work. She is carried by means of an adjustable lifting frame. this means that she can be carried by porters of widely varying heights. She weighs a little over six stone and can occasionally be carried by the female members of the group.

She was created in 1992 in order to replace Lilbet Large who was nearing the end of her useful life. Early in her career Caroline was blown over by a gust of wind and received damage to the back of her head. Luckily this proved repairable and she was back on her feet within a month.

Caroline Moore is a relatively nimble giantess. Occasionally she will attend functions where Granfer's bulk precludes his participation. Or if a full crew cannot be found for both giants, she may travel alone.

Structural design and some metalwork by Derek Moody, head and hands by Chris Preece and Derek Moody, some metalwork by Ben Mottram, upholstery, clothing design and construction by Meg Matthews, brolly and gloves by Lyn Dickason, arms by everybody, loads of other jobs done by members of the group.

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