Salisbury 'Riding the George'

Giants More giants Salisbury's 'Riding the George' was, as usual, an excellent way to start the new Gianting season. These pictures convey no more than a hint of the atmosphere.
It's a very relaxed event, there are no marathon carries, no feats of advanced gianting required. It's just a weekend for meeting other like minded folk, trying out new ideas and easing gently into summer.

the green giant 'Bertie' or more properly, 'Bertilak du Haut Désert' - the Green Knight from the Gawaine story, turned up by courtesy of the Graund Order of Guisers. It's the first time they've been to the event, let's hope it's just the first of many.

G.O.G were among the first groups outside the West Country to begin building British giants in modern times. Their founder, and principal builder - Dave Lobb - is an expatriot Cornishman, his giants, however, are of a very different style.

Dragons are very common in Spain and have a very long history, read Dave Ellis' account on page 3. Britain has very few, the most famous being 'Snap' from Norwich.

The Salisbury Dragon Now Salisbury has a new dragon, he certainly looks good, 'though it's a pity that the local children can no longer wag his tail as they could with the previous dragon.


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