Dear Friends,

I Normally keep a low profile ( ie. under Nathandriel ) but I felt obliged to write something in this BIGGnews.

It is coming round to the time when B.I.G.G. will ask for membership fees and already I have heard rumbles of discontent.

I have been involved in 'Giant affairs' for about nine years now, and I've seen many rifts and splits in the various groups, usually for similar reasons and mostly to do with people wanting things to be 'democratic'.

This bring me to the point.

B.I.G.G. is the first organisation set up to try to be fair to all giants. The idea was to get cheaper insurance for groups, and to provide a centre for information about other groups.

There were complaints about the way it was set up, and since there have been murmurs about the lack of output this year. I mostly agree with them, but B.I.G.G. really needed setting up NOW.

As B.I.G.G. does exist, it is up to members to make something of it, not just to sit around criticising. For example: I had no more than three archive contributions last year.

At the very least we all have cheaper insurance, and will have a ( relatively ) unbiased connection with other groups in Britain and Europe.

I think it will be worth the effort.

Dave Ellis. ( Archivist for B.I.G.G. )

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